Creating Change

Creating Change
In February 2011, Kylar was awarded the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Sue J. Hyde Award for Longevity in the Movement.


"Kylar, Thanks for saying what needed to be said. You remarks added a critical dimension to the discussion of economic access, particularly for funders who have only scratched the surface. Thank you for your great generosity of spirit." Ordover - Funders for LGBTQ Issues

"Dr. Broadus: Thank you for speaking to my Human Sexuality Class... You gave a fantastic overview of the broad umbrella that defines the transgender community. You helped us to recognize the complex array of political and advocacy issues faced by the community. My students commented that they really enjoyed your humor and candid way for sharing your story. For most students, you are the first transgender person they have ever known. ...Thank you for your tireless advocacy and willingness to educate people from all walks of life." Mara Aruguete, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Lincoln University

From the MU Trans* Awareness Week - November 7, 2012
Co-sponsored with Triangle Coalition, Fluidity, and Queer People of Color.

"Appreciated the passion. Articulate. Thank you for the handouts. Good balance of person and legal."

"This is a topic so important to the community that is not going shared anywhere else and it;s great to be able to learn about this in this type of course."

"You were incredible inspirational. As a straight person, who doesn't have any trans friends. I now feel much more educated. Thanks."

"Well done! Makes me want to go tell my friends."

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